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You Should Do These Things Once Your Painting Is Finished

You Should Do These Things Once Your Painting Is Finished

It is a satisfying feeling when you complete your painting and the results are as you had expected. But do you think your work is only over with the painting? In this article, we share with you a few more things that are to be done once you have completed the painting. These things might not profit you much but they add details to your work and give your painting a personal touch.

  1. Check!

We are sure you give a close look at your painting once it has been completed, but that is not enough. Take a day or two off from seeing it once it is done and then give it a good look all over again. When you observe the painting immediately after it is finished you tend to miss some minute details that you might notice after a day or two. So give a break from looking at the painting after it is finished and then give it a check, elements will be clearly visible. If you didn’t get it right, and you want to order some painting, you can visit instapainting.

  1. Signature

A painting made by you is incomplete if you don’t take your brush up to put your sign on it The signature will give a personal touch to the painting. Not just that, every time you will see the painting you will have a sense of pride in you.

  1. Give Your Painting A Name

The work of art is your own baby so give it a name that can describe it well. It could be anything that suits the vibe of the painting. Not everyone gives a name to their painting but if you ever wish to exhibit it publicly it will add value to your artwork.

  1. Take A Picture

Make sure you take a good picture of your painting where in you balance the light effect and not make it look too dark or too bright. It has to be clear enough and you also have to ensure that no part of the painting is cropped out or out of the picture. So ensure that you take a really good picture with a decent camera that will do just to all the colours in the painting and not make them look too saturated!

  1. Have A Record Of All Details

Having a list of all the details of your painting helps you to keep a track of your productivity. This could include the items that have been used during the process of painting, the duration of time, the size of the canvas, the name of the painting.

  1. Cover The Edges If It Has Stains

When you paint on canvas, very often it leaves stains on the edges and when you display them in public it is not a very good sight to see. So try covering them up with a frame or paint it in white or black as per your choice. You could also tape the edges if either of them seems like too much for you but make sure to cover the stains on the edges.

  1.  Protect The Painting

Whether it be an oil painting or acrylic painting, your canvas art will need varnishing over it. This will prevent the painting from gathering any kind of debris over it.

  1. Put It On Social Media/ Website

Show the world your piece of art and ensure that the picture you take is a high-quality one that does not compromise on the colours in the painting. If you have a website, upload it on the site Make sure you mention the name of the painting, the dimension of your artwork and the date of the painting.

Make sure you have checked these after-painting checklist and cleared all of them to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results. If you have more thoughts on this topic, share with us in the comment section below. Happy Painting!