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Vista Guide: How to Find the Perfect Planer

Vista Guide: How to Find the Perfect Planer

Are you looking for tools to start your own DIY wood project? Then a planer is one of the most important tools that you need to invest in. A good planer will allow you to smoothen a regular lumber into a finished and polished board which you can then use to make your own library, baby room, workshop, and so on. Finding the right planer for yourself is essential and if you are facing problems in this department, then this guide can help you out.

In this guide, we have discussed about the different types of planers and features that you need to consider before making a choice.

Types of Planers

When you are choosing a right planer for yourself, it is important that you study the different types of planers before choosing the one which will suit your purpose.

1. Thickness Planer

As the name suggests, a thickness planer can help you in getting the wooden planks to the exact thickness that you want to give it a more refined surface.

You just have to place your wood into the planer which consists of rollers or sets of rollers and on the cutting surface, you need to place the unfinished piece of lumber on the table and then feed it through. This is quite easy to use and really good for DIY projects. Dewalt DW735 Planer has been ranked as the best thickness planer by and is our top recommendation for the year.

2. Hand Planer

Another type of planer which is small in size and can come with an electric motor or not, a hand planer is a great way to smoothen out the rough edges and is quite inexpensive which makes it quite popular.

3. Jointer

This type of planer acts as both a planer and a jointer and can perform multiple wood working tasks easily. You can use it to smooth the surface of the wood plank and are not really good at shaving of the wood to get the desired thickness.

Features to consider

After you have decided on the planer type that suits your needs, you need to look at a set of features before you many any concrete decision. Here are a few features that you must look out for when buying a planer:

1. Measuring Space

The first thing to consider is the amount of space that you have to keep your planer. If you have a small workshop, then you might want a small planer but if you have adequate space, then you can consider a jointer or a thickness planer. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should have enough space to feed in the wood.

2. Thickness Capacity

Another important feature to consider is the maximum thickness that a planer can accommodate. If you want to feed in large blocks of wood, then you might need to use an industrial thickness planer but if you want to accomplish small jobs, then a hand planer would do just fine.

3. Width Capacity

This is another feature to consider when buying a planer. You need to understand the kind of projects that you will be doing and then get planer that can take the maximum width of lumber for your project.

4. Blade Speed

Go for a planer with multiple blade speeds as it comes handy when you are doing different projects.


Cooking Tips for One

Cooking Tips for One

If you live alone or tend to make a lot of your meals for just yourself, then you may be struggling to have balanced meals. Most recipes have at least four servings and you may not want to have a huge amount of leftovers. So, if you’re trying to make your own meals without eating the same thing six days in a row, use these cooking tips for one.

Half Your Recipes

Cutting a four-person recipe to just one probably won’t work very well, but you can cut it in half and still end up with a great product. This is a great way to ensure that you end up with just one or two extra servings. And, if you enjoy having some leftovers for another day, this is a great way to enjoy a home-cooked meal and also keep you from swimming in leftovers. You may want to plan out your week with three made-from-scratch meals and three leftover meals. Or you can even turn those extras into lunch the next day!

Keep Bases

Cooking for yourself can be challenging if you’re making a meal from scratch every night. However, if you can think ahead and plan out your meals, you can cook smarter instead of harder. For example, if you’re using ground beef at the beginning of the week and for a meal in the middle, why not save time and cook the beef for both recipes now? This is a great way to save time in the kitchen. Use the same pre-prep methods to chop up veggies or other ingredients that you may need during the week to save time and effort.

Half Your Recipes

Re-use Dishes

Many of the meals that you make can be turned into other dishes with just a little effort. For example, you can turn ground beef from tacos into a lasagna that has a spicy kick! You can also take the chicken and turn it into a hearty soup with any leftover veggies that you have from the week. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but if you’re tired of your baked chicken, then it’s simple to turn it into another meal. Creative meals don’t have to be fussy and you’ll be amazed at the dishes that you can change around.

Cook Ahead

When you’re tired of trying to make a meal every single night, you can save a lot of time by cooking at the beginning of the week. Cook either your lunches or dinner ahead of time. Even making a meal partially can save time when you get home from a busy day at work, so why not use this tip to your advantage? Spend a few minutes planning out your meals and then figure out what you can make ahead of time. You’ll be both surprised and pleased at how easy and effective this tip is!

Cooking for one may seem like it’s inconvenient, but a little planning can keep you on track. Use these tips to make sure that you’re not wasting either time or food and enjoying a home-cooked meal for one!

Cook Ahead

Why Guys Don’t Show Their Emotional Sides

Why Guys Don’t Show Their Emotional Sides

Guys have a hard time showing their emotional sides. Sometimes women have a hard time understanding why that is. But in truth, it’s not so tough to figure out. It’s not just something that pops up overnight. Guys are actually influenced by others and have been taught (and/or coerced) by authority figures into hiding their emotional sides and basically never letting them see the light of day. It’s a messed up fact, but many mothers and fathers and other parent or guardian figures(caretakers or even teachers, coaches, and more) encourage boys when they are very young to not only not display their emotions, but shove them down and just pretend like they feel nothing. Not exactly a super healthy way of living.

Whether they know it or not, these people are just repeating things that have been taught or enforced upon them, and they just never thought about it or learned any differently. It’s depressing, but it’s also an opportunity for guys to wake up and break the cycle so that they don’t pass this on to their own children. There are so many reasons why guys don’t show their emotional sides. Check out these reasons and maybe you can understand this issue a little better and learn a little and grow from it. Because we all have emotions, and the healthy thing to do is acknowledge that they’re there, instead of repressing them. Repression gets us nowhere.

Why Guys Don’t Show Their Emotional Sides

They Were Yelled At For Crying When Young

Guys often got yelled at by their parents or a relative for crying when they were little. This is usually because the adults are just repeating what happened to them, or don’t want to deal with a crying child, or simply just don’t really know or want to approach a kid like they’re a human being. It’s sad, but some people just really have warped ways of parenting or approaching kids. It’s usually about what’s best for the person who sees themselves as “in charge”, and it has a negative effect on men’s abilities to show their emotional sides later in life because when they did at an early age, they got yelled at for it or punished. Who wouldn’t have an aversion to showing their emotional sides?

They Were Emotional And Got Made Fun of At School

Everyone knows that kids who are crying or upset can sometimes get picked on. It’s just another reinforcement for boys that showing their emotions is going to create more negative situations than good ones for them. So, they learn to act tough and like things don’t bother them, even if they do. It’s just another way to get through the day without being bullied.

They Showed Their Emotional Side And Got Hurt

It could have been with a friend or a girlfriend, but almost every guy has had an experience of trusting someone or opening up to them or even caring about them and getting hurt. They learned that when you care about someone, you will inevitably get ripped apart. So guys started to not show their emotional sides as much. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a life lesson that can be taken in very deep and really influences how guys operate.

Guys ultimately either are influenced to or choose not to show their emotional sides based on painful experiences. And who can blame them? It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Sometimes, going to a really helpful therapist or having a close, reliable relationship can let guys let go of all their “lessons” and learn some new ones. Because life is too short to let the dumb stuff you went through affect you to such a degree. Guys deserve love and deserve to be happy and be themselves, just like everyone else.…

Planning a Romantic Meal: Impress Your Partner

Planning a Romantic Meal: Impress Your Partner

Most guys know how to pick out and make reservations at a nice restaurant, but if you really want to impress a woman, you should know how to prepare a meal by yourself. And, even when you don’t cook well or often, this is very important. You should teach yourself to cook one meal that suits your cooking abilities and also meets her taste in food. So, even if you dread the kitchen, you can still impress your woman with these tips on planning and be preparing a romantic meal.

Planning a Romantic Meal- Impress Your Partner

Plan Ahead

It’s not going to be easy to juggle prepping the meal and paying attention to her so planning is key. Create your menu ahead of time, go shopping for the ingredients and a good wine, and then prep whatever ingredients can be prepped either the day before your date or the morning of the meal.

Although you can make whatever she’s going to enjoy, remember that one of the easiest and most romantic meals is pasta. A bistro-quality basil and tomato pasta dish is very easy to make even if you’re not experienced in the kitchen. Other romantic meal ideas include a nice steak, chicken marsala, or shrimp scampi.

Don’t forget the side dishes either! A simple salad is easy to put together the morning of. You can also do simple steamed green beans, rice, or a baked potato depending on your main dish. And, your dessert doesn’t have to be homemade. Pick up a favorite from a local bakery or make a simple chocolate mousse if you really want to impress her.

Don’t forget the wine as well. Make sure to pick up some nice wine and you may even want to get a few bottles of red or white depending on what type of dish you’re making. Make sure that you know what type of wine she likes in order to get her favorites.

And, although you should get a good wine, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be expensive. You can find great wines for $15 or less per bottle. If unsure of what to pick, ask for recommendations at the liquor store. If she doesn’t drink, you can make mocktails or get some sparkling grape juice.

Practice Makes Perfect

The most common mistake that men make when trying to create a romantic meal is ending up mixing up the recipe or having some other cooking catastrophe in the kitchen. Practice really does make perfect so you can make sure that your meal goes off without a hitch by doing a trial run. Create your meal for your own dinner one night and see how it goes. You can use this time to figure out how long it takes to make the meal and if the dishes are really going to be enjoyed by both of you.

These are the keys to preparing a romantic meal for you and your partner that will help you both enjoy a romantic evening. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who cooks, so don’t be shy to show off your skills with these tips.…

All About Wine Etiquette

All About Wine Etiquette

It is important to learn proper wine etiquette in different settings if you want to enjoy drinking it. Wine is considered a social drink that should be enjoyed amongst friends, family or colleagues. Here are a few tips for the most common settings.

All About Wine Etiquette

Wine Tasting

The best place to taste wine is at the winery. As a matter of fact, you will be able to learn about different types of wines at the winery so that you can pick from the best. The knowledgeable staff at the wineries will help you choose the best wine with ease. If you are a new drinker and you are trying to determine what you like, do not hesitate to ask the staff. They will be more than happy to explain to you different wines and answer your questions.

Wine At Home

If you are serving a wine before dinner, a sparkling wine or a light white wine will be appropriate. But it is also good to know what your guests like as well. Do not assume that what you like is what they like. When serving your guests, be sure to use the right wine glasses.

Do not serve in paper or plastic cups especially if you are just having a small party with very few guests.When filling the wine glasses, make sure they are not full. Leave the glass at least half empty or close to two-thirds depending on the type of glass.When filling the wine glasses, make sure they are not full. Leave the glass at least half empty or close to two-thirds depending on the type of glass.

Wine at the Restaurant

Wine can be a perfect complement to a nice restaurant meal. If it is your first time drinking wine, it can be a really intimidating ordeal to find the best wine when the waiter presents you with the wine list. Do not be afraid to consult with the wine steward or waiter. They will be glad to recommend a wine that perfectly complements the meal that you want to order.

Wine as a Gift

When buying wine as a gift, you will need to make sure that you choose a bottle that they are going to enjoy. It’s an even bolder idea (sometime) to get them a brand that they are not so familiar with but you know that the characteristics of the wine are something they will enjoy. If you are not too knowledgeable about different wines that are available, be sure to ask for recommendations from the experts at the store where you will be shopping.…

5 Reasons Why Some Men Disrespect Women

5 Reasons Why Some Men Disrespect Women

Every woman yearns to be respected. However, there is a great percentage of men who disrespect women generally, and this has been going on for several years. Men don’t simply show disrespect to women by chance, in most cases, this is always prearranged. Disrespect is a sign of something much deeper than a simple action.

It’s an attitude that arises from believing that being a woman isn’t admirable. But why is this still accepted today? Why do men still see the need to show no respect to women? Well, there are probably hundreds of reasons, but here are just some of the common ones:

1. To Compensate For Their Low Self-Esteem

A man who shows no respect to a woman doesn’t have a high opinion of himself. When a man feels demeaned, put down or feels like a loser, he’ll most likely be rude to women so as to feel big inside. By doing this, he’ll feel superior and elevated, especially if the woman allows it. He’ll repeat doing the same actions to her over and over again every time he needs to feel powerful.

Such men spend so much of their time thinking about the things they like and those they dislike, including women, which is very strange considering the fact that they dislike them. They’ll constantly blame all their troubles on women and also blame them for their lack of desire to focus on themselves.

2. As A Form of Revenge

Some men were simply offended by one woman or two in the past and they now believe that all women should be subjected to their revenge. Well, this may sound somewhat justifiable.

Maybe a woman or two crushed your spirit too much to even consider associating with any woman anymore. And if you had a choice you wouldn’t, but every man often has the desire for intimacy and you don’t have any other choice but to be with women again. But in the end, some men get over this feeling and they stop being so condemnatory.

Men Vs Women

3. As A Way of Finding Women with Low Self-Esteem

Some men are simply domineering naturally and prefer to date women with low self-esteem. So, they use disrespect as a way to get the attention of their ideal woman. The only solution to this problem is for women to simply not tolerate their tricks. However, some women don’t react negatively to men when they’re disrespected.

And by doing this, they’re silently confirming that the guy has the right to do such things. Besides, there are certain women who are turned on by such behavior. This may sound odd, but less mature women generally interpret men’s bitterness as a form of boldness and react positively to their gestures.

4. Due to Poor Parenting

Men are usually taught the concept of respect and disrespect at a very early stage. They learn this from their parents. If a boy constantly sees women being criticized before him, he’ll believe from childhood that this is exactly how women should be treated. If fathers constantly show no respect to mothers in front of their kids, the kids will have the very same attitude towards their women when they become men.

5. Influence of Alcohol

When a man is under the influence of alcohol, he isn’t in his right mind. He barely knows what he’s doing. During these times, he’ll bang a woman around and address her in a disrespectful tone without even realizing it. If the woman doesn’t get out of his presence during these moments, she’ll only have herself to blame.

Influence of Alcohol