5 Reasons Why Some Men Disrespect Women

5 Reasons Why Some Men Disrespect Women

Every woman yearns to be respected. However, there is a great percentage of men who disrespect women generally, and this has been going on for several years. Men don’t simply show disrespect to women by chance, in most cases, this is always prearranged. Disrespect is a sign of something much deeper than a simple action.

It’s an attitude that arises from believing that being a woman isn’t admirable. But why is this still accepted today? Why do men still see the need to show no respect to women? Well, there are probably hundreds of reasons, but here are just some of the common ones:

1. To Compensate For Their Low Self-Esteem

A man who shows no respect to a woman doesn’t have a high opinion of himself. When a man feels demeaned, put down or feels like a loser, he’ll most likely be rude to women so as to feel big inside. By doing this, he’ll feel superior and elevated, especially if the woman allows it. He’ll repeat doing the same actions to her over and over again every time he needs to feel powerful.

Such men spend so much of their time thinking about the things they like and those they dislike, including women, which is very strange considering the fact that they dislike them. They’ll constantly blame all their troubles on women and also blame them for their lack of desire to focus on themselves.

2. As A Form of Revenge

Some men were simply offended by one woman or two in the past and they now believe that all women should be subjected to their revenge. Well, this may sound somewhat justifiable.

Maybe a woman or two crushed your spirit too much to even consider associating with any woman anymore. And if you had a choice you wouldn’t, but every man often has the desire for intimacy and you don’t have any other choice but to be with women again. But in the end, some men get over this feeling and they stop being so condemnatory.

Men Vs Women

3. As A Way of Finding Women with Low Self-Esteem

Some men are simply domineering naturally and prefer to date women with low self-esteem. So, they use disrespect as a way to get the attention of their ideal woman. The only solution to this problem is for women to simply not tolerate their tricks. However, some women don’t react negatively to men when they’re disrespected.

And by doing this, they’re silently confirming that the guy has the right to do such things. Besides, there are certain women who are turned on by such behavior. This may sound odd, but less mature women generally interpret men’s bitterness as a form of boldness and react positively to their gestures.

4. Due to Poor Parenting

Men are usually taught the concept of respect and disrespect at a very early stage. They learn this from their parents. If a boy constantly sees women being criticized before him, he’ll believe from childhood that this is exactly how women should be treated. If fathers constantly show no respect to mothers in front of their kids, the kids will have the very same attitude towards their women when they become men.

5. Influence of Alcohol

When a man is under the influence of alcohol, he isn’t in his right mind. He barely knows what he’s doing. During these times, he’ll bang a woman around and address her in a disrespectful tone without even realizing it. If the woman doesn’t get out of his presence during these moments, she’ll only have herself to blame.

Influence of Alcohol

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