Month: December 2014

Why Guys Don’t Show Their Emotional Sides

Why Guys Don’t Show Their Emotional Sides

Guys have a hard time showing their emotional sides. Sometimes women have a hard time understanding why that is. But in truth, it’s not so tough to figure out. It’s not just something that pops up overnight. Guys are actually influenced by others and have been taught (and/or coerced) by authority figures into hiding their emotional sides and basically never letting them see the light of day. It’s a messed up fact, but many mothers and fathers and other parent or guardian figures(caretakers or even teachers, coaches, and more) encourage boys when they are very young to not only not display their emotions, but shove them down and just pretend like they feel nothing. Not exactly a super healthy way of living.

Whether they know it or not, these people are just repeating things that have been taught or enforced upon them, and they just never thought about it or learned any differently. It’s depressing, but it’s also an opportunity for guys to wake up and break the cycle so that they don’t pass this on to their own children. There are so many reasons why guys don’t show their emotional sides. Check out these reasons and maybe you can understand this issue a little better and learn a little and grow from it. Because we all have emotions, and the healthy thing to do is acknowledge that they’re there, instead of repressing them. Repression gets us nowhere.

Why Guys Don’t Show Their Emotional Sides

They Were Yelled At For Crying When Young

Guys often got yelled at by their parents or a relative for crying when they were little. This is usually because the adults are just repeating what happened to them, or don’t want to deal with a crying child, or simply just don’t really know or want to approach a kid like they’re a human being. It’s sad, but some people just really have warped ways of parenting or approaching kids. It’s usually about what’s best for the person who sees themselves as “in charge”, and it has a negative effect on men’s abilities to show their emotional sides later in life because when they did at an early age, they got yelled at for it or punished. Who wouldn’t have an aversion to showing their emotional sides?

They Were Emotional And Got Made Fun of At School

Everyone knows that kids who are crying or upset can sometimes get picked on. It’s just another reinforcement for boys that showing their emotions is going to create more negative situations than good ones for them. So, they learn to act tough and like things don’t bother them, even if they do. It’s just another way to get through the day without being bullied.

They Showed Their Emotional Side And Got Hurt

It could have been with a friend or a girlfriend, but almost every guy has had an experience of trusting someone or opening up to them or even caring about them and getting hurt. They learned that when you care about someone, you will inevitably get ripped apart. So guys started to not show their emotional sides as much. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a life lesson that can be taken in very deep and really influences how guys operate.

Guys ultimately either are influenced to or choose not to show their emotional sides based on painful experiences. And who can blame them? It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Sometimes, going to a really helpful therapist or having a close, reliable relationship can let guys let go of all their “lessons” and learn some new ones. Because life is too short to let the dumb stuff you went through affect you to such a degree. Guys deserve love and deserve to be happy and be themselves, just like everyone else.…